The 2nd Dimension

The idea sparked for my first YouTube channel when I saw a low-effort video on YouTube about Phineas and Ferb with over 500,000 views, and knew I could make something better. Fast forward to today, my channel has expanded from being only about Phineas and Ferb to covering a slew of 2D animated series including those on Max, Hulu, and all of Disney Channel. In addition, I’ve gotten the opportunity to meet and interview many of the crew members of these animated series, including the co-creator of Phineas and Ferb Dan Povenmire. One of the newer things I have done with the channel is host “Reanimated” collaboration projects, bringing fan communities together to reanimate their favorite shows and show off their skills! I’ve completed two Reanimated projects so far, with the latest being Amphibia Reanimated, and Infinity Train Reanimated currently in production. With over 67K subscribers, 15 million views, and a thriving community, I’m always planning something new for the channel and continuing to grow it.

Videos from Nov. 2017 - Present

The Pointe at Central

As part of my time in The Pointe at Central’s Marketing Department, I completely overhauled their YouTube page, designing a new channel banner, thumbnail templates, and reusable video assets. I created more than 50 videos in my 2 years working at The Pointe, and you will see in the consistency of the channel that I can create high quality, professional business videos (and be sure to check out the Death Nut Challenge video; it’s a riot!).

Videos from Oct. 2018 - Nov. 2020

Theme Park Workshop

This channel was decidedly created to express my affection for all things theme parks! I partnered my comedic sensibilities and video editing skills with the contemplative writing of my friend Adam Johnson to create videos exploring the intricacies of theme park storytelling and design. While I left the channel in 2022, the original characters and stories we told were unique and gave me range as a creative that I carry to this day. This included various voice acting roles, cinematography, and puppetry. My primary role in each specific video was listed in its respective end credits, but I wore every hat for the channel. Writer, Director, Actor, Editor, Mixer, and more.

Videos from Feb. 2019 - Jun. 2022